General conditions

General conditions 2019


1.         General
1.1       Primary the ‘’Ned. Expeditievoorwaarden’’ (Dutch Dispatch Conditions), registered by Fenex at the Registry of the District Court in Breda, the last version apply. In case of storage the Physical Distribution Conditions apply, registered at the Registry of the District Court in Amsterdam. The conditions are open to public inspection and will be forwarded by us upon request
1.2       Secondary the Treaty concerning the agreement for international road transport of goods (CMR) as well as the ‘’Algemene Vervoers Condities’’ (General Transport Conditions (A.V.C. 2002)) apply.
Our international transports are carried out by our charters, in accordance with the CMR. Our national transports are done by our charters on the basis of the AVC.
1.3       Emphatically we point out that these conditions have nothing to do with insurance of the goods, but they organise liability. Goods are not insured during their transport. Also these conditions exclude indemnification due to consequential damage, extra freight costs for the replacement of a freight, travel costs, expertise costs, turnover loss etc
1.4       Visible damage has to be noted down on the bill of lading. Invisible damage has to be submitted in written within 7 days after the signature for good reception has been given. The AVC / CMR conditions apply here.

2.         Transport orders
2.1       All shipments should be provided with a complete filled-in transport document.
2.2       Goods have to be clearly marked / stickered, packed transport worthy and shouldn’t stick out outside the pallet. Welsi is not liable for extra costs, which arise because of the lacking thereof and will charge the principal for this.
2.3       The maximum weight of an euro pallet is 700kg. When an euro pallet is heavier than 700kg, 2 euro pallets will be charged. For a block pallet the maximum weight is 875kg. One loading metre is 1750 kg.
2.4       If more space is used than was stated, besides the extra space also possible extra costs may be charged resulting from the adjustment of our planning.
2.5       For assignments, which will be annulled on the day of loading, 75% of the total freight costs will be charged to the principal.
2.6       Pallets will not be exchanged by Welsi B.V., unless otherwise agreed.
2.7       We advice you to pass your orders 24-48 hours in advance.

3.         Rate conditions
3.1       The general terms & conditions of ‘’Transport en Logistiek Nederland’’ (Transports and Logistics Netherlands) registered at the Registry of the District Court in The Hague on October the 1st. 1993, file number 238, apply.
3.2       All rates are exclusive VAT.
3.3       As to the rates, Welsi reserves the right of adjustment, as a result of the introduction of possible governmental measures, such as e.g. kilometre levy. If these costs are to be imposed on the carrier, we will pass on these extra costs to the principal.
3.4       We expect the payment of the transportation invoices within 30 days after the invoice date.
3.5       Claims on transportation invoices should be reported in written to Welsi B.V. (accounting) within 10 days after the invoice date.
3.6       We don’t accept any repayments or settlements on our transport invoices, unless there are agreements in written with Welsi B.V. (accounting).