Temporary storage

Do you have a temporary lack of space for receiving or storing your goods at your loading or unloading address? No worries! Welsi is happy to provide temporary storage of your goods in a safe, professional manner.

10,000 square metres of storage

Welsi has 10,000 square metres of storage space available. When it comes to heat- or moisture-sensitive goods, we can offer temporary storage in our spacious warehouse. For complete trailers, our enclosed, guarded parking area is the perfect solution.

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Storage in trailer

Sometimes the customer may not want us to unload and reload goods for temporary storage, yet the goods must nevertheless be kept safe, dry, and warm. Welsi can load these goods into a trailer, after which the complete trailer is placed in the warehouse.

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Professional camera surveillance

Professional camera surveillance is available in both the parking area and at the loading docks, so you can be sure your goods are safe during temporary storage at Welsi. This can be for a few days to a few weeks. Do you need long-term storage of your goods during transport? Take a look at our Warehousing Service.

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