Transport of machines

Transporting machinery is a speciality. Transport of this type requires a specialist approach, due in part to the often high value of the machinery to be transported.

Valuable goods

Welsi is aware of the value of these loads and handles your expensive machinery with the utmost care during loading, unloading, and securing. For example, it is important not to subject the load to too much force, to prevent damage. The machinery is also always secured during transport, in consultation with the customer.

Our trucks can be loaded and unloaded from the side and, if requested, from the top. Groupage shipments, complete trailers, and large projects are all possible.

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Delivery at fixed times

When it comes to transport of machinery, delivery at fixed times is common, because unloading equipment and technicians are will be waiting on location for delivery. Welsi ensures that the delivery is made on schedule. Express deliveries and weekend deliveries are also possible.

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Express transport of machinery

Express shipments for machine transport are no problem at all for Welsi: when a manufacturer still has to make last minute adjustments to a machine, but still wants to deliver on time, Welsi makes it happen. Whether the machine occupies one loading metre or an entire trailer, it’s all the same to Welsi.

Examples of machines that Welsi transports include restaurant equipment, packaging machines, vegetable processing machines, and sorting machines. These machines are not suitable for regular transport, either because they are easily damaged or very expensive.

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