International transport

Welsi is your partner for international transport. We offer road transport throughout Europe and specialize in transport with special requirements. Be sure to also take a look at our Special Services

Road transport throughout Europe

Welsi is the top specialist for road transport throughout Europe. This means our drivers go to England and Germany daily and countries throughout the rest of Europe regularly. Welsi also transports between European countries outside the Netherlands, such as from Italy to France, or from Poland to England.

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Many transport options

We can provide practically anything you might need when it comes to international road transport. Welsi transports with all types of trailers: curtain side trailers, mega trailers, box trailers, and containers. We also offer intermodal transport. Welsi has a fleet of around 70 trucks at its disposal and also has an extensive partner network. For express shipments we can put a team of two drivers in a truck or have a second driver with another truck meet the trailer along the way to continue the journey.

Of course, both LCL or groupage shipments and complete shipments are possible, from a single pallet to a full trailer or multiple trailers. Welsi seeks a suitable solution for every challenge.


Proactive communication

We feel it is important to keep in close contact with our drivers and customers, so Welsi always proactively informs its customers.

Special transport requirements

Do you have special requirements for the transport of your goods? For example, do you have valuable cargoes, shipments that need to be registered, or deliveries that have to be made at fixed times? Welsi is happy to make the necessary arrangements for you. Welsi is also more than willing to make weekend and night-time deliveries. Check out our Special Services to see how we can be of service to you.

Check out our Special Services
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